Cutter’s Mission

A new book that I’ve been working on is now in edits! Cutter’s Mission is the flagship book in a new series called Valhalla Warriors.

Each book begins with the moment the main character is recruited by a Valkyrie to Odin’s Army. If you’ve read any Norse Mythology, you know that the Valkyrie are immortal female beings that choose men who died in battle to join them in Asgard. Each man (and women but my book focuses on men) must die in battle while doing a heroic act. None of my guys feels like a “war hero”, which of course, proves they are just that.

In this first book, James Alan Cutter is a medic in Vietnam. He’s a twenty-one year old man drafted at eighteen then, joins the Marines to save as many lives as possible. He sacrifices his life to save another and at the point of death, is visited by Tatiana, a Valkyrie. She offers him the honor of joining Odin’s Army.

Our next main character is Abbott McClain, a fabulous young man who’s both shy and sweet. His father kicked him out at sixteen, when he admits he’s gay. Once on the street, he’s “rescued” by a man who uses kids to run his nefarious businesses. Scared and needing help, he goes on the run fearing he’ll be caught and punished. His hurried flight leads him to a small town biker bar on the outskirts of Odessa, Texas.

Cutter’s Mission, Valhalla Warriors One, coming soon to Amazon

In this book we’re also introduced to Odin, who goes by Adam when dealing with humans. We also meet Adam’s wife Lilith and all their god and goddess children. These characters will play roles in all the books of the series, but the main characters will be exclusive to that book. You will be able to read each book as a stand alone or the entire series in any order.

I’ll be releasing a free bonus scene on Prolific Works as well and on my Facebook page, I’ll be giving away fantastic swag items from time to time as well as a chance to win a copy of this book!

My goal is to bring happiness to my readers and put a twist on religion and mythology alike. I can promise low-angst, insta-love, a little humor, a few kinks, and a lot of love.

I’ll be doing a cover reveal soon, along with a pre-order link. I hope you enjoy Cutter’s Mission and read all the books that will be a part of the Valhalla Warriors series. Here’s the blurb for Cutter’s Mission.

An Immortal Biker Daddy walks into a biker bar…

Abbott McClain is on the run.

An infamous human trafficker and murderer is hot on his heels, and he has nowhere to go. When his car breaks down in a small Texas town, he has no choice but to seek help from a biker bar in the middle of nowhere. After a lifetime of rejection, he doesn’t want to trust anyone ever again. But when he meets a blue-eyed bear at the bar who promises him kindness and protection, he desperately wants to believe that this time things will be different.

James Alan Cutter is on a mission.

As a member of an immortal motorcycle club entrusted with protecting humanity, he shouldn’t be taking time off for romance. But something about Abbott stirs his Daddy nature.

When evil stalks the boy Cutter has fallen for, his brothers in arms come together to protect their love.

Cutter’s Mission is a 48K motorcycle club romance with an age gap, size difference, and hurt/comfort.

Published by authorrosiejarvis

Author of the MM motorcycle romance Valhalla Warriors Series. When a warrior dies in battle, Valkyrie takes them to Asgard in Valhalla where they train for Odin's Army. After training with Amazons, they take their turn on Earth in the Valhalla Warriors MC.

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