Keep in Touch!

I know many people love different social media platforms. I’m on a few and I want people to communicate with me! In this age of quarantines and face masks, we can always use more friends in our lives.

As an author, I want to meet those who read my books. Well, book lol. I crave that contact because as someone who stays at home and works, I don’t get to see many people face-to-face. So, here are some ways to find me.

Instagram: I love going on Insta and meeting/seeing local friends and international superstars! If you want to find me there, click here:

Twitter: I post here several times a week. I should post more but I’m kind of lazy lol. So, if you want to follow me there, I’d love to “see” you there. Click here:

Facebook: I’m on here the most. I guess it’s old habits. I love to share other author’s works and talk with, well anyone! I’m hoping you friend me there at: or my personal page here: Rosie Jarvis | Facebook

I’m working on getting on other platforms, so tell me in the comments, what social media platform do you prefer?

Published by authorrosiejarvis

Author of the MM motorcycle romance Valhalla Warriors Series. When a warrior dies in battle, Valkyrie takes them to Asgard in Valhalla where they train for Odin's Army. After training with Amazons, they take their turn on Earth in the Valhalla Warriors MC.

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