Daddy’s Bite by Jayda Marx – A Review

Daddy’s Bite by Jayda Marx

I’ve read all of Jayda’s books and I love them all. She does a great job of making insta-love seem possible in today’s world. And who doesn’t need fluff? I know I do!

Nikolai is the master vampire of his coven. That means he’s the strongest, fastest and most capable leader. He’s been alive for centuries and has never found his true mate. It’s totally by accident that while hunting a rogue pack of Coyote shifters, he finds his beloved hiding from those same evil shifters.

Israel, or Izzy, is the sweetest boy I’ve seen. He’s so kind and precious that when he finds Nikolai, it makes you cheer that he’s going to have someone to look out for him. In fact, I would’ve loved to scoop him up and take him home!

Now, not all people like the Daddy/boy trope, and honestly I was surprised when I came across it. I love this sub-genre! I love how the Dom cares for his sub. The care and sweetness of the entire relationship just makes me have all the feels.

Many don’t understand that it’s not on any level like pedophilia, the relationship is between two men of consenting age. Both men are entering into the relationship with open and honest communication. They know it’s unconventional, but it’s not perverse.

Okay, enough of the lecture and back to the book. If you ready Daddy’s Bite, you’ll want to find and read all of Jayda Marx’s books. Here’s her Amazon Author page so you can see all her wonderful books!

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