Hello and welcome! I’m Rosie Jarvis.

I started reading at a young age and I discovered escapism! I could time travel, see alien worlds, become the hero, and most of all, fall in love. Along with all that, I learned that words have power.

Writing poems then progressed to writing fan fiction online. I still have a lot to learn, but I hope my books help bring light and fun to you.

I write MM gay romance because I absolutely love the idea of two (or more) men sharing their life and love with the world. It gives hope to me to think that one day we can love anyone (or more than one) and it will be accepted.

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Books by Rosie Jarvis

Cutter’s Mission, Valhalla Warriors One

An Immortal Biker Daddy walks into a bar…

Abbott McClain is on the run.

An infamous human trafficker and murderer is hot on his heels, and he has nowhere to go. When his car breaks down in a small Texas town, he has no choice but to seek help from a biker bar in the middle of nowhere. After a lifetime of rejection, he doesn’t want to trust anyone ever again. But when he meets a blue-eyed bear at the bar who promises him kindness and protection, he desperately wants to believe that this time things will be different.

James Alan Cutter is on a mission.

As a member of an immortal motorcycle club entrusted with protecting humanity, he shouldn’t be taking time off for romance. But something about Abbott stirs his Daddy nature.

When evil stalks the boy Cutter has fallen for, his brothers in arms come together to protect their love.

Cutter’s Mission is a 48K motorcycle club romance with an age gap, size difference, and hurt/comfort.

JT’s Mission, Valhalla Warriors Two

“Wouldn’t you like to be the filling of a biker sandwich?”
Closeted country singer Kit Billups says, “Yes, please!”

John “JT” Myers hasn’t been on Earth since he ascended to Valhalla during World War II. Things have changed in his absence, now there are cell phones and things called tablets. But JT has changed too, he now understands he’s attracted to men. When Kit Billups needs a bodyguard, he’s more than willing to protect the gorgeous singer and put his life, and heart in danger.

Art “Growler” Breckenridge serves Odin in the Valhalla Warriors and isn’t a stranger to Earth’s carnal delights. He’s Pan, proud, and likes to take care of his lover. Daddy isn’t a title, it’s a way of life. When Kit needs protection from an unknown stalker, he’s blindsided by his growing feelings for the singer and his fellow biker, JT. He may be immortal but the evil stalking his boy just may kill him after all.

Kit Billups is a fallen country music star who shot to stardom overnight but fell just as quickly. Gossip, bad decisions, and rumors hit the press, tanking his career. He’s working hard to win back his fans when bizarre emails and accidents put his life in jeopardy. Seeking help, his manager hires the Valhalla Warriors as bodyguards but his attraction to them could destroy his hard work rebuilding his brand.
The threat to Kit reveals an evil that may tear him apart and take the life of the men he loves.

JT’s Mission is a 51+K, MMM, motorcycle club romance with an age gap, size difference, Caregiver/Daddy/boy, and hurt/comfort.

What people are saying about the Valhalla Warriors Series

“Captivated from start, fell in love with Abbott and Cutter’s story.
Valhalla, Odin and his team, bikers and adventure combined to create a lovable, fast pace, one day read.
This left me in awe of this new author and can’t wait for the next book.” Amazon Reviewer

“I loved this book & can’t wait for next one !!! Totally different from anything I’ve read before .” Amazon Reviewer

“This book was one of the best I have read recently. The author did an awesome job setting up a very believable world/universe that the characters live in. I would highly recommend reading this book.” Amazon Reviewer

“What a great introduction to these amazing men and women. It was always so fascinating the history and mythology surrounding Valhalla and the warriors chosen. I loved that this series explores that world. It was fun great getting to meet Abbott and Cutter. I love their story even with the tears that it brought. What a trip and I can’t wait for more from the warriors.” Amazon Reviewer

“I am really loving this series! They are not long books but they have great character development and world building! This one is two Bikers, a Country Singer and a Pitbull named May Lee! JT the Model looking Biker and Growler the Big Bearded Biker are Immortal Odin Warriors assigned to Bodyguard Kit our feisty Country Singer! Love how they all meet and the building of their chemistry and relationship. We get all three of their POV’s and their thoughts are all fun and humorous, especially Kits! I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and I highly recommend this book if you like a great relationship between three men and of course a dog!! LOL it is full of Humor, Action, and Steam!!! Cannot wait for the next in the series!” Amazon Reviewer

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